Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Convergence of Our Lives

I really like the quote we used on our latest bookmark:

"Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life." (Gabriel García Márquez)

We live our lives in these layers. As people get to know us and as we allow them to get closer to us, they progress past our public life and towards our private and sometimes even secret lives.

The fascinating thing about writing, though, is that when we write we tend to bypass this expected progression. I've found this to be especially true of creative writing. Through my writing, I end up sharing profoundly personal thoughts and experiences with people I don't even know, who I may never even meet. These people, who are barely even on the radar of my public life, are invited to enter into my private and secret lives through the written word.

As writers we often chose to break the rules of social etiquette for the sake of artistic expression. Or, perhaps it is for a deeper reason. Sharing our writings allows us to wear a broken mask, covering just enough of our face that we feel comfortable sharing, yet exposing just enough that we are able to share in an honest, compelling manner. I believe we share, not just for the sake of sharing, but in hopes that we will connect with someone out there, and in doing so that we will feel less alone. We find solace and meaning in shared experiences. We find purpose in being able to say, "I've been there too... don't give up, you can make it through" and "I've experienced that too and isn't it grand!"

Through writing, our lives converge. That is what Chrysalis is all about. We come here to share, to invite others into our lives and to be a part of theirs as well. And perhaps somewhere in this clumsy encounter, we will find something more than the mere exchange of ideas.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baptism by Fire.

Baptism by Fire.
We are marching across the desolate waste land
Its name earth
Our commander and chief Jesus Christ
Our goal to save as many souls from the enemy as possible from the enemy
Our enemy is indeed old he is the father of lies and responsible for all death on this once beautiful planet
Our Father made the ultimate sacrifice for us by sending his son to die for us
So now we march on for his cause
We battle with the enemy spiritually wielding our spiritual armor and the sword of truth
We beat back the tide of evil even though the devils arrows, rockets and machine gun nests push us and make us stumble
We have an unbeatable commander on our side Gods own son Jesus Christ, who beat the devil and death
So we march on knowing that even though the fire enemy will burn us, but these flames will make us stronger during Judgment Day.
They are trials and they will give us patience which gives us endurance to withstand our Baptism by Fire.
We all have a road so far. They all may start at different places, but all are destined to finish at the same place.
The road begins with us in the dark, wandering not knowing what our purpose is in life.
It feels like we have no meaning and we think to ourselves, what’s the point to life? Do we just live our life and then die is that all there is to it?
We keep wandering in the dark, like our ancestors before us, going deeper into the dark cold abyss of the traveler who can never find home.
We do this for who knows how long until we finally shout, “Show me something that will give meaning to my life!”
Then from out of nowhere a light, like the sun, blasts through the darkness and drives it back.
The light reveals to us all our faults and gifts, it makes us feel blind with warmth and love like we had never felt before.
Then a Man comes out of the light, but we crawl away because we have never felt this kind of peace before.
The Man than says, “Do not be afraid, I bring a love that will set you free from the cold darkness.
The Man then takes us into the light and gives us a new heart and a new life and when we turn to ask his name.
He will reply The Light¸ Wonderful Counselor, but you may call me Jesus and when I turn to ask how I can repay him?
He will reply go in my name and bring others out of the darkness and show them the same love I have showed you.
Then when I come back I’ll reward you according to what you have done for your brothers as well as me.
We’re all traveling the same road at different times and places, but we’re all here to help each other on the road.
Who will you help today to know Jesus better or improve their relationship on your Road so Far?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the blood of dreams

crack your head open till it splits
thoughts so large, nothing fits
the blood of dreams leaks and drips
onto the blanket that grandma knit

working a 9-5 makes the dreamer sick
like their eye slits were stitched
"get me out of this straight jacket!"

rather be floating
than weighed down by bricks

the blood of dreams leaks and drips
can you turn this movie into a skit?
can't shorten genius, it doesn't fit
so you keep your head half open split

dreams are real and worth the risk
slaves keep wishing they didn't quit

the blood of dreams is thicker than spit
stir it in with cement, can you commit?

the blood of dreams
the blood of dreams
my heart is bleeding
the blood of dreams