Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Like A Snack, When What You Really Want Is... (Shadows & Scars: Update 10)

December 7, 2011
11:23 pm
Location: IA Boys Dorm Apt.; Cicero, IN

Listening to: Starflyer 59, Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice 


Resentment is the poison we drink ourselves,
but forgiving you feels like a toxin of its own.


I cut the rope

that keeps me tethered between
you on the bridge above
and the great unknown below.

Except, I do know
what's below: my death
and everything after that.


Lay your blame on me.
I’ll take it all – deserved
and undeserved – because
I know you hurt
but I can take the pain.


Why is it so hard for us to do the things we really want in life?  I am unable to move forward. I keep running into walls. I try to progress, but for some reason I remain stuck. I have opportunities but they all seem stalled out. Like some barrier is preventing true meaning.

There are things I need to "deal with." Shadows and scars... including the self-inflicted ones. And even when they seem behind me, still they drag me back when I try to take a step forward. They cannot be ignored. They must be faced.

Imagine: freedom.

What if we could really do what we really want to do?

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