Sunday, January 15, 2012

Regression is the Key to Progress (Shadows & Scars: Update 12)

January 15, 2012
Location: IA Boys' Dorm Office; Cicero, IN

Listening to: Bradley Hathaway, A Thousand Angry Panthers


More detailed updates coming soon.  For now, some stuff I've been working on:



She moves like the wind
and I am the empty arms
of a winter tree, lacking
even leaves for her to rustle
as she passes through.


Sometimes You Need To Get A Little Dirt In Your Eyes Before You Can See Clearly

Upstairs, I have retreated
from your arrival.  Blindly,
I saw you, and saw the scales
fall from my eyes.

Now I need a moment to breathe,
to purge the poison from my veins,
ashamed of how easily I was swayed
away from you, against you.

Around the corner,
I hesitate and listen to your voice,
clear and light, piercing through
the walls of my mistakes.

My eyes are open
for the first time again.

All I see is you.

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